Real estate exam study aid

A job as a real estate agent is very rewarding once you have established yourself. The path to becoming one involves hard work, though. For one thing, you need specialized education. If you decide to be a real estate agent, you have to follow the state regulations.

The first thing to do is enroll in a college level pre-licensing course, the requirements of which vary depending on the state where you are going to practice your profession.

The courses are often around 60 credit hours long, but some are much longer. For example, California requires 160 credit hours, whereas New York requires 75 credit hours. The residents in Texas must study even more than those in other states - they need to meet a whopping 180 credit hours.  

After you have passed the pre-licensing course, it's time to sit for the state licensing exam.

So. What exactly is on the real estate test?

If you're interested in the job and searching for information, you must be wondering what is on the real estate test and how the real estate test is conducted. The pre-licensing exam is state regulated and some schools, whether online or onsite, offer a review and mock test program built into the curriculum, to give students a preview of what's on the real estate license test. 

Let's take a sneak peek on what is on the real estate license test.

Getting a license as a real estate agent is not a walk in the park. You have to work hard for it. The pre-licensing course requires serious studying and dedication and you have to approach it like you're taking a course in college.  

The state licensing exam for real estate agents is a multiple-choice exam. The questions are mostly multiple choice definition questions. For example, they might ask which item in a list is a personal property, or which choice is considered a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. The questions are divided between those testing your understanding of the course subjects and those requiring memorization.

The content of the questions will be based on what you learn in your pre-licensing course, such as real estate and state regulations, valuation, physical descriptions and forms of ownership. There will be questions that require math, like computing your commission from a sale. Other questions involve zoning laws, tax deductions, escrow, ROI, computing the actual price of a home, coverage of the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act, who pays for your commission, computing payment for ARM loan and more.

Overall, expect to answer at least 300 questions, divided into two parts. About 80 to 100 will be multiple-choice questions about general concepts in real estate. The rest of the questions are specific to the licensing laws of the state.

Sample Real Estate Tests

You will find a variety of practice tests for the state licensing exam on the web. Most that are free offer limited questions while other sites offer a comprehensive review and practice test for a fee. There are quite a few that are specific to your location, giving you a better preview of what the real estate agent licensing exam in your area is like.

You can start practicing today, by downloading Real Estate Study Buddy's own comprehensive free practice exam below!