Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Begin Your Real Estate Career

Once you get your real estate license and become the local real estate expert, it’s time to start your marketing efforts. While you’ll make some progress in this regard through your neighborhood farming plan, it’s important to always have marketing on your mind. You are, after all, your own boss. That means it’s up to you to promote your business and ensure a steady flow of new clients. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task! Follow these five tips to get started on your marketing campaign.

Grow your email list

First things first. After you’ve gained a reputation as a local real estate expert, ensure that all your outreach efforts tie back into growing your email list. Once you’ve established yourself in the community through gifts and snail mail, encourage people to sign up for your email newsletter. In the newsletter you can share local updates and keep your name on residents' minds, so that when they start to consider selling their homes they’ll think of you. This will also guide people back to your website where they can learn more about you. Add a little fun to your emails with GIFs and humor, and make sure they're packed with value so people continue to look forward to your next newsletter.

Website lead capture forms

Make sure to include plenty of opportunities on your website for visitors to share their information with you. This goes beyond the contact page itself. Set up “calls to action” at the end of your blogs and other pages, with offers for free downloads and information when they sign up for your newsletter. Once they’re signed up, you can maintain them as leads. Make sure to couple this step with building an email strategy. Once you get visitors' information, you’ll need to establish specific email threads with information tailored to their stage in their journey towards becoming a client.

Referral program

As you meet your marketing goals and start getting clients, make sure that you get referrals and testimonials! This will be a big way of building your client list, as people making the big decision to sell their homes will want to do so under the direction of someone they know they can trust. Testimonials and referrals – especially from people they know well – can do wonders for your credibility. Incentivize reviews by also offering a little something special for those who do help recommend you. And of course, great service is an incentive all on its own - if you provide value to your clients, they'll be more than happy to provide testimonials and references for you.

Social media

Always stay connected on social media. Find which social platforms local residents are using most frequently, and then make yourself present there. Join community pages, put out social ads, and share important information on local real estate and community trends. This is one more space for you to establish yourself as an expert and gain the trust of those you hope to work with.

Know your local media

Don’t forget the value of local media outlets. Find out what materials – online, in print, on TV – local residents most enjoy, and put ads there! You can also pitch stories to local publications. Stay up to date on local real estate news, pitch the stories to local publications, and serve as an expert they can quote in the article. If you can provide value to the community and have this value highlighted in an article or TV segment that local residents will see, this will get your name out there and boost your credibility.