Real Estate License

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

You've become acquainted with some real estate agents and realized that this is a job that you want to do. The first few questions to ask would be "how do I become one?" and "how do I get my real estate license?

Becoming a real estate agent does not happen very quickly, like other jobs. This needs specific education, finding a good broker that can help you with your work and other requirements and sitting for (and passing) the state and national licensing exams for agents. You should meet the basic requirements: at least a high school graduate, 18 to 19 years old and a legal resident of the United States. 

Take a pre-licensing course

The real estate business is regulated by the state, thus, wherever you are located, you have to follow the regulations governing it. The regulations may differ by state but everyone interested in being a real estate agent must enroll in pre-licensing courses. The curriculum also varies by state. In Texas, the required credits hours are 180, while in California, it's 160, which is equivalent to three college-level courses. In Idaho, residents are only required to have a total of 90 hours or two courses. You can get more information from the real estate commission where you are residing. 

There are a variety of different state courses. Each state is going to have its own courses, so depending on where you plan on practicing you are going to have to find out and pass the different types of available courses to become a real estate agent.

Work with a broker

While you are getting educated in real estate procedures, find a reputable real estate brokerage office or agency. It is inevitable that you have to find employment in one to gain practice and experience, so you must do it before you finish your course. The last part of your pre-licensing education and the paper work you will require before you sit for the state licensing exams require the help of the broker. Choose a sponsoring broker with employing broker's license. 

Sit for the licensure exams

After you've passed your pre-licensing course, see to it that you get the certificate of completion and/or your transcript of records, as you will need that when applying for the real estate agent license. The application fee as well as the requirements varies by state as well. In some states, a criminal background check as well as fingerprints must be submitted first. 

After passing the licensure exam

The procedures for the acquisition of license differ. In California for example, your application for a real estate agent license include the receipt of a Salesperson License Application. This should be completed and submitted together with the required fee within one year after you have passed the licensure exams. The application also lists down the other requirements that you should submit together with the license application.  As a would-be real estate agent, you must submit proof of completion of the required courses.

How do you get realtor license?

A real estate agent and a realtor are similar in that both of them are licensed to sell real estate properties. A real estate agent has taken and passed the pre-licensing course, passed the real estate licensing exam and later, the national licensing exam. He or she may have taken continuing education courses to advance their careers and for license renewal. 

A realtor is also a licensed and professional real estate agent. However, the individual is called a realtor when he/she becomes a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The association has a code of ethics and standards that all members must adhere to. 

The rewards for being a good real estate agent can be enormous. However, it takes time to build a solid reputation as one. Take a serious look at each step of how to become a real estate agent. Be sure to follow each step and pass all the requirements. Furthermore, see to it that you have enough funds to tide you over before you can put up that first "sold" sign.