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Are You Eligible for a Real Estate License? Every state has its own laws and it's important to know what they are in your state.

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There are three types of real estate licenses. They are:

Broker: a person who operates their own real estate business or acts as a broker for a corporation or partnership.
Associate Broker: a person who has met the qualifications to become a broker but continues to work in association with another broker rather than having a business of his/her own.
Salesperson: a person working in the office of a real estate broker as an employee or independent contractor.

Prerequisites for all Licenses
In accordance with AS 08.88.171, a person desiring to acquire any type of real estate license in Alaska must:

Pass the appropriate exam.
Not be under indictment for conspiracy to defraud, or fraud.
Apply for licensure within six months after passing the exam.
Pay the appropriate fees [12 AAC 64.073 and 12 AAC 02.360].
Meet the appropriate education requirements.

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